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We are the premier canine sports training / practice facility in the Las Cruces, New Mexico area.  We specialize in strengthening the bonds between dogs and their owners through Doggie Manners, Agility, and other Canine Sports.   Benefits include better dog focus through offering challenges and increased owner and dog health through regular exercise.  A positively engaged dog is happy, focused, and much less likely to exhibit unacceptable behaviors and be better socialized with other pets.

LCDS offers instruction to all levels and ages (owner and dog) both at our facility and at your home.  Instruction is available both through regularly scheduled classes as well as private lessons, special guest seminars, and home visits.  Special classes are available for young owners – good dog ownership is a lifelong process.  As a certified Elementary School teacher, Kim welcomes young handlers (as well as those of every age) to our facilities.

Come share our passion for high energy and positive dog training and make LCDS a part of your training strategy.  Browse to our links on available classes, seminars, and private lessons in Agility and Obedience. LCDS supports Animal Rescue and responsible pet ownership. 🙂