Dog Agility is the ultimate dog sport for speed, safety to the dog and owner, and best maximizes the connection between dog and owner.  In dog agility we will teach you and your dog how to safely maneuver an obstacle course.  The obstacles will consist of tunnels, jumps, an A-frame, a teeter-totter, weave poles, and a few more!!!  This is a fun sport for people of all ages, shapes and sizes and for all breeds of dogs.   This is a great way to have fun, build confidence, and create a better connection between you and your dog whether you are in it to compete or just have fun!!!  Click here to see a video of agility.

Class size is limited to ensure that individual needs are met.  If you would like to sign up for a class, please visit our calendar to see the start dates for classes, then fill out our form and return it to us.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions. – Class Registration Form

Classes Available:

  • Classes are six weeks long (one class per week) and are geared towards groups (not to exceed 10 dogs per class).
  • The cost is $100 (+tax) for a six week class.

Agility classes are divided into levels/classes

  • Beginning Agility – This class is designed to familiarize the dogs and handlers with all the different obstacles involved in agility.  This class is available to all dogs and puppies 16 weeks and older.
  • Intermediate Agility – Obstacle Familiarization and sequencing.  This class starts putting obstacles together in sequences.  This class is available to dogs who have successfully completed the Intro to Agility class or has instructor approval.
  • Agility Foundations – this class is required for all dogs/handlers who want to do agility.  In this class we will work on the very basics of agility as well as focus and relationship building. Here the dog and handler will learn the necessary skills to do well in agility whether it is for fun or competition.
  • Drills – This class is designed to work on three of the biggest challenges in agility: weave poles, contact obstacles, and jumping exercises.  Each class will focus drills that strengthen these obstacles.  This class is available to dogs who have completed Intro and Intermediate agility or more seasoned dogs who want to proof these obstacles.
  • Pre-Competition Class – This class is designed for dogs who have successfully completed Intro to Agility, Intermediate Agility and it is recommended a Drills class.  This class is geared towards getting dogs ready for novice level competition.
  • Competition I (Novice and Open Level Dogs) – Dogs that are already competing at the novice and open level (or equal to in other venues).
  • Competition II (Excellent or Master Level Dogs) – Dogs that are already competing at the Excellent level (or equal to in other venues)

Private Lessons and Semi-Private Lessons:

  • The cost of Private lessons and Semi-private lessons (Semi-Private lessons not to exceed 3 dog/handler teams) is $60 @ hour per session or $35 per half hour (including tax).
  • Private lesson packages – $330 for 6 – (1-hour) lessons and $200 for 6 – (30 minute) lessons.
  • In-home training same as the private lesson fee plus $10 travel fee
  • Board and Train is $75 @ day
  •  Please contact us if you are interested in Private or Semi-Private lessons.

Agility Foundation:

We are super excited to be offering this new class!!!  This class is designed to have fun, but also geared towards foundation work and skills for agility dogs and puppies.  Whether this is something new or you want to go back and refine skills, this will be a fun class to learn skills needed or go back and work on foundation skills.

This class will cover and expand on:
• Recall proofing
• Toy and treat drive
• Foundation skills for contacts
• Touch pads
• Shaping behaviors
• Cone work
• Handler focus and send work
• Impulse control
• Warm-up/stretching routine

And much more!!!

Click here for: Class Registration Form




• Seminars are regularly scheduled so we can bring in the top trainers for classes at our facility.

• Due to variability in travel, instructor costs, and class lengths, talk to the instructors about pricing.