PLEASE READ BEFORE REGISTERING: All dogs must be current on vaccines. Proof of vaccination may be required. Both dogs and handler should be in good physical health prior to participating in the sport of agility. Fee Schedule: $80 per 6 class session. Payment for classes will be due on or before the FIRST Night of Class. If you do not pay for classes, you will not be able to participate. Once classes have started, you may join the class if there is room, but you must pay for the whole class. Payment options are cash, check or PayPal through the website. This fee is non refundable and unused classes cannot be credited. There will be no Drop-ins for classes. If you wish to participate in a class and know that you will be out of town for part of it, you must pay for the whole class to secure your place. You may sell your spot to another team of similar skill level only with prior approval of instructor. There will be no make up sessions if you are absent from a class. You can arrange a private lesson or field rental, but that must be paid for separately. The cost of a private lesson is $20 for a half hour and $40 for a full hour. Field rental is $20 per hour. If class is cancelled, every effort will be made to schedule a make-up either at a time that is convenient with the majority of the class or move it to the end of the session. If you cannot attend the make-up class, it will be an absence from class. NOTE: All questions on application form must be completed or registration will not be accepted:

Numbers only - no dashes or special symbols