Please Note: Although our instructors run high-energy herding dogs, all dogs and handlers are welcome at our facility.  We will build a training program to suit each dog individually.

Kim Fuqua

Kim Fuqua has a passion for seeing dogs and their owners at their best.  She is an experienced dog trainer who has trained with national and international competitors in person, through online classes, done seminars and agility camps.  She is accredited/certified by the Animal Behavioral College (ABC), has her CCMT (Certified Canine Massager Therapist) andLas Cruces Dog Sports - Kim Fuqua CCFT (Certified Canine Fitness Trainer).  Kim also has her Bachelor of Education from New Mexico State University and has experience as a 5th Grade teacher.  She possesses an Associate Degree in Horse Training and Management from Lamar College and has trained cutting horses at the very highest levels.

Kim has trained obedience and agility classes and competes at the local, regional and national levels of agility with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the United States Dog Agility Association (USDAA).

As the spouse of a retired Army officer, Kim has had the opportunity to train/compete in many different regions of the United States as well as overseas.  Her style of training uses multiple techniques taken from a variety of sources.  From Germany (Hudesportfreunde Degerloch e.V.), she trained and competed on European-style courses.  From our other assignments, she has had the opportunity to train with nationally and internationally recognized trainers.   Her focus is building a great relationship with dogs and their owners through a strong foundation based on positive reinforcement and play.  She recognizes that each dog has an individual personality and style of learning.  In private and group lessons, Kim will match a training style to maximize learning and fun with your dog.

Kim enjoys training high-energy herding dogs.  The current pack includes three border collies and three Australian Shepherds.

MACH Dolly MXS MJB MXP MJP, Retired Border Collie
MACH Fuqua’s Dixie MXS MJS MXP MJP2,Retired Australian Shepherd
PACH Fuqua’s Wiggly Quigley MXP3 MXPB MJP4 MJPB, Australian Shepherd (Gone but Never Forgotten)
Bettin on Black Jack AX AXJ, Semi-retired Australian Shepherd
Double J Pepper MX MXJ MXF T2B Border Collie

Double J Keen Border Collie in training

CW’s Fly Me to the Moon – Rocket Australian Shepherd loved and owned by the Fuqua Kids



Kyle Schumacher, DVM

Kyle is a native New Mexican who grew up in the Mesilla Valley.  After a successful collegiate softball career, she attended veterinary school at Colorado State University where she adopted a Kyle-Schumacher-instructorpathologically-shy, young adult Border Collie named Storm who had many phobias and behavioral issues to overcome.  Socializing and training Storm helped lead them to first obedience, then the fast and furious sport of Flyball, and finally to the agility ring.  No one can believe that the crazy-barking-grizzled old dog who has run at the top levels in the sport was once too afraid to even play outside.  Agility–racing against the clock and refining skills to speed performance and shave seconds proved to be addicting.  The rest is history–life in the Schumacher/Harper household has gone to the dogs!

Kyle is a partner in a busy mixed-animal practice and has strong professional interests both in equine medicine and in caring for working dogs and canine athletes.  She is finishing her accreditation as Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist and is continually experimenting with new exercises and fun tricks not only to help her injured and geriatric patients, but also to optimize conditioning and performance in agility dogs and other canine athletes.

Kyle continues to not only train and compete with her dogs (AKC and USDAA), but also regularly attends seminars with a variety of National and International caliber trainers.  She borrows heavily from multiple handling systems to find what makes the most sense to the dog and works the best for each handler.

“I have been fortunate enough to have always been blessed with the right dog to teach me the right lesson at the right time (even if it wasn’t immediately obvious!).  From learning to work with fearful and soft dogs to some of my more crazy and insane beasties, there is an incredible trust and relationship I share with each one of my furballs.  Training and running agility has been an amazing, heart-breaking, tear-jerking, wonderful, and passionate all-consuming adventure.  And it gets better and better each time out.  Best of all, I get to take them all home with me at the end of the day!” – Dr. Kyle Schumacher, DVM.

MACH3 ADCH Storm–AKC National Finalist, Multiple USDAA National Semi-Finalist
MACH3 ADCH-Bronze Wendy–2X AKC National Finalist, Multiple USDAA National Semi-Finalist
MACH3 ADCH Rio–USDAA National Semi Finalist
MACH2 ADCH-Bronze Hazzard–AKC National Finalist, 2X AKC National Challengers Round, Multiple USDAA National Semi-Finalist
Mayhem MX MJ MXP MXJ AAD–USDAA National Semi-Finalist
Stomp–Crazy Croatian In Training!


Sandra Hendrix

Sandra was raised in northern New Mexico where she participated in rodeo and 4-H.  After graduating from Grants High School she moved to Las Cruces and attended NMSU.  She earned a BBA with a major in Business Computer Systems and a minor in Economics.  While working at NMSU she continued her sandra-hendrixeducation and received her MBA.  Sandra recently retired from NMSU after 30 years of service and, in addition to teaching obedience/agility classes, started her own livestock and pet-sitting service.

Even at a young age, Sandra enjoyed working with animals.  Approximately 17 years ago, Sandra started training and trialing her canine kids.  She has assisted and taught intro to advanced levels of obedience and agility classes.  Sandra encourages students to broaden their horizons and try new techniques.  Sandra believes that our partners in competition are canine athletes.  Just like human athletes, our canine counterparts benefit from regular exercise, a well-balanced diet and an annual vet visit.  These components are critical to ensure optimum health and performance, both in and out of the show ring.
Each dog that Sandra has trained has been unique and reaffirms the fact that, like people, dogs are individuals in their own right, with diverse personalities and behaviors that, often, require creativity and resourcefulness in training techniques in order to reach the end goal.

Sandra’s first agility dog was an Australian Shepherd, Aussie.  Together, they learned the basics of agility/obedience, and competed together for several years, which prepared Sandra for her next four-legged family member – Cody, who was a Border Collie.  Together, Sandra and Cody progressed to a higher level of agility/obedience performance and competition .  As Cody was nearing retirement at the age of 12, Sandra began thinking about acquiring a puppy as her next competition partner.  Jolt arrived in the Spring of 2012, an 8-week old Border Collie with lots of spunk and amazing speed.  Sandra and Jolt have been training and competing together for over two years, and are nearing the Masters level in AKC.  Jolt has taught Sandra to reach beyond her comfort zone and learn new handling and training techniques in order to continue to progress and excel in the sport of agility.  The journey continues…..

MACH Lock-Eye Head N Heel (Jolt),   MX, MXJ, XF
Aim High Outlaw Cody Spur (Cody), CDX, RAE, MX, MXJ, MJB, OF
Aussie Duke (Aussie), CDX, OA, OAJ


Debby Lewis

Debby Lewis was raised in Deming, NM. After graduation she moved to Las Cruces to attend Cosmetology School. She has been a registered hairdresser for over 40 years. In 1976, Debby went to ObedienceDebby-Lewis class with a Spitz (now called American Eskimo). Spitz were not recognized by AKC so she could not compete with him. In 1986 Debby rescued a German Shorthair Pointer from the shelter. Also attended obedience class and did compete with placements but didn’t complete the companion dog title. In 2000, Debby rescued a Cocker Spaniel named Honey. Honey opened up a whole new journey in obedience, tracking, rally and agility, titling in all four venues. Honey was the first dog in New Mexico to earn all 3 rally titles  in February 2005. Debby and Honey were invited to the National Obedience Invitational in 2009 and 2010. Won the Highest scoring Cocker Spaniel at both of these events. Due to herniated disc she was retired after the 2010 NOI.

Debby started training her second Cocker Spaniel  in 2006 also in obedience, tracking, rally and agility.  Reesha earned her tracking dog title at 9 1/2 months. In rally earned numerous prefect 100’s. In obedience she has earned a UDX3 and a Obedience Master 5. Reesha has ranked in the top 3 obedience Cockers Spaniels in the nation since 2012. Receiving invitations to the Obedience Championship the last four years.

Rita is the current Cocker Spaniel with titles in Rally and Agility. Qualified for the Rally Championship for 2015 in Advance class. Come May she will start competing in Obedience. Debby regularly attends obedience, agility and tracking seminars. Believes in a positive training, that can be fun for both trainer and dog.

Reesha’s TedBear Magic VCD2 UDX3 OM5 RE MX MXJ TD
CH Silverhall Margarita RE OA OAJ


Hope Movsesian

Hope Movsesian has shared her life with Great Danes since the age of 6 and remains an avid Dane Momma. Raised in the High Desert of Southern California, she came to New Mexico in 1979. Not willing to let work and school become life’s only objective, Hope filled her off time running trails, camping, road trips with her pups, and competing in the sport of Ultimate Frisbee, pups in tow.

Introduction into Dog Training came in the early ’80’s by way of a Wild Great Dane puppy named Misty Blue. Hope’s first Great Dane as an adult of her very own. Misty, chosen for her independence, needed guidance …and Hope needed Help! Joining a local dog club in Las Cruces took Hope and Misty Blue from Beginning Obedience Class thru to the Competition Ring. Ahhh! Times of Accomplishment !

After a hiatus of several years and now married to Dog Lover Matt, Hope returned to dog training in 2008 with the goal of learning Canine Agility with her Irish TerrierX Lucille. Hope was already enjoying TheraPaws with her Certified Therapy Dane Ella and partner in all things TheraPaws, Mom-In-Law Sandra.  Hope was introduced to Search and Rescue and joined the K9 Team on the Mesilla Valley Search and Rescue with her German ShepherdX Sadie.

Yes! it was a good time to join the Dog World as training techniques had turned to the Positive. Learning these training methods in the different genres of Agility, Therapy, Search and Rescue was an incredible journey for Hope and her pups. Stretching her skills to teaching Obedience classes for a local dog club brought back the challenge and joys of teaching the individual, both parent and pup.